Daily Wrap-up


Set aside 30-45m to wrap up your day and prioritize tomorrow.

With this flow our aim is to:

  1. Unburden our mind
  2. Prioritize tomorrow
  3. Lead a more disciplined life

Ray Bradbury wrote that each morning he felt as though he'd stepped on a landmine and his job was to pull the pieces back together again. We'll use our time here to pull ourselves back together again, so that we can plan for a strong day tomorrow.


Gather loose ends

We're going to gather all the new todos, notes, and ideas that have come up today.
Put away everything else and pull up all your "inboxes." By inbox, I mean any place that potentially important information might live: email inboxes, business software, your calendar, scraps of paper, etc. Don't get pulled into any of it. Just gather it.
We're going to process it all so your mind can let go. Once it's all nearby, click next

Pull out tasks with due dates

Go through each inbox or list and salvage anything that which must be done by a particular date.

Start a tomorrow list and anything that's absolutely urgent, add it to tomorrow. Some non-urgent items might still have a due date (for instance, "send a mother's day card"). Add those to your calendar or to a reminder app so you'll be notified on the right date.

Finally check your current and upcoming due dates for anything that needs to be deleted or readjusted.


Review your mid-term and long-term perspective

At this point, pull up any document that best incapsulates your mid-term or long-term perspective.
For instance, you may have a business dashboard, or a habit tracker, or a list of weekly goals. Perhaps even new years resolutions. If you don't have anything, just jot a few ideas down here. You can schedule a time later for long-term reflection.

Having solid mid-term and long-term perspective is helpful so you don't have to rethink your strategy each day. But don't get caught in the trap of overthinking your life's purpose at the expense of day-to-day work. This daily planning discipline is not only how work is achieved, it's also the feedback mechanism to best guide your higher-level goals.


Write down what's most important

Without yet consulting your todo list, use your intuition to write out the most important things you could accomplish tomorrow.

Write however many items you like but in the end, star the top 3 that you think will have a long-term impact. Everything without a star, is your "avoid-at-all-costs list," at least until you finish what's first.

Most of our life's biggest moments come from two sources: compounding systems or long-tail events. So, think of ways you can either (a) build off what's working or (b) attempt a bold experiments. Avoid the in-between. What on your list brings you to life?


Consult your todo and project lists

Now and only now, consult your new and existing previous todo lists for suggestions on what else might be important.

Your todo list is simply a box of suggested puzzle pieces. Your life is the puzzle itself. It's great at reminding you of important ideas and tasks. But if we put it first, we spend all our effort focusing on the puzzle box and not the puzzle!

Scan your todo and project lists for anything that might improve upon your intuitive list. (At this point don't touch or organize your system, no matter how scattered it may be.) Rewrite your tomorrow list as you see fit.


Organize your todo system (15m max)

Having an organized todo system is helpful in the same way it's nice to have a box of puzzle pieces be sorted and laid flat. But keep in mind the puzzle box is far less important than the puzzle.

Set a timer for 15m and do whatever you can in that time to organize your todo list. It'll never be perfectly organized.

Batch things together and delete what's not relevant. Pretend the system is on fire, and you only have 15m to save the essential. When lists become too long, demote them into notes and set a reminder to review the note.

The more ruthlessly you say "no," the more space you'll open up in your life for bigger things.



Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back... That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.... Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.
The final sacred act. Commit to finishing the most important item on your list by a certain hour tomorrow.
This is your daily discipline. At the same time every hour, you step back to clarify and commit to what's important. Set a space on your calendar for it. If this exercise helped, link your reminder to this site. Now rest with an easy mind so it's ready for tomorrow. Bon courage!
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